We create insurance platform which gives you access to multiple offers from different insurers and allows you to finish purchase in couple of minutes. It is possible thanks to our innovative use of blockchain technology and application of smart contracts.


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sales of electric scooters by 2020


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The world of Insurance at your fingertips

Our mission is to empower each use to pick the most suitable insurance product without help of an external advisor or insurance agent.

SmartContract: Use of smart contracts in insurance is a technological step into the future. Step towards modern transparent insurance products which are easy to create, modify and bring to market. Accuracy, trust, reliability, less formalities and fast processing are the main benefits which smart contracts bring to the world of insurance.

Blockchain: Blockchain is a decentralized form of recording events, transactions, contracts etc. We strongly believe that Blockchain is a multipurpose tool ideal for insurtech solutions. The construction of the chain gives this technology a lot of security, making it resistant to hacker attacks and manipulation of stored data. It is a secure and transparent register available to users as an open source.

Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence is spreading fast in the world around us, setting new trends in the development of companies and the whole industries, including insurance. The correct targeting and application of AI in mobile insurance solutions leads to better matching insurance products to customer needs and preferences, as well as more accurate risk assessment for insurers. It’s the perfect technology to utilise capabilities of the insurance market and make it more accessible, understandable, attractive and transparent to customers.

In our platform we give You access to many traditional Insurances, like...

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Travel Insurances

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80% of buyers from the UK, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy, who searched information about travel policy in the internet bought their policies online

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Transport Insurances

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52% of EU customers search information about insurance policy online

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Health Insurances

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Only 3.5% of the world population have life insurance policy

and also to more modern Insurances...

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Mobile devices

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Estimated number of wearables to be sold in 2021 exceeds 500 million units vs 266 millions in 2016

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Electric Vehicles

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The global electric scooters market size was valued at USD 17.43 billion in 2018 and is projected to witness a CAGR of 8.5%

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By 2021 number of small hobby drones in use will exceed 3,5 million

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Gaming Gear

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Revenue of PC & console gaming hardware worldwide will exceed $50,4 billion in 2020

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Cyber security

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In 2018 out $92.1 billion revenue of app store 76% came from micro transactions in games and 24% from app purchases

You see challenges, We see opportunities

Mission: Fulfill technological gaps by creating customized solutions for integration between IT systems of insurer and chosen business partner.

– Opportunity to create new distribution channels by technological integration with chosen partners
– Opportunity to sell different types of insurance products as well as to introduce new products for dedicated partners
– Opportunity to collect and access information about clients / users behaviour and preferences, as well as to set up and define sales reports / statistics
– Access to the best consultants in the are of digital sales efficiency improvement dedicated to insurance industry

About Us

We are a team of people with passion, who set their goal to create modern decentralised mobile platform for distribution of insurance products.

Our experience and expertise come from different areas: marketing, insurance, project management, app development. Such diversity allows us to analyse existing challenges of insurance market from different angles and find new unconventional solutions.

Cutting edge technology lies at the heart of our project. We see a huge potential in implementing blockchain, smart contracts and artificial intelligence into our mobile platform, as it can make process of choosing and purchasing an insurance fast, transparent and intuitive even for people who are not familiar with insurance market.

For more information about our mobile platform please contact us. We greatly appreciate your interest in our project!

Contact with Us

We create mobile insurance platform which gives you access to multiple offers from different insurers and allows you to finish purchase in couple of minutes. It is possible thanks to our innovative use of blockchain technology and application of smart contracts.